Pastor’s Blog

21Nov 2017

God’s Order In Our Families

November 21, 2017|

I’ve yet to meet a parent who doesn’t say they want the best for their kids. In twelve years of inner-city mission work, we saw a thousand problems stem from one bad root—the breakdown of [...]

12Jun 2017

Practical Evangelism

June 12, 2017|

All genuine Christians want to be fishers of men, ambassadors for Christ, messengers of the Kingdom, witnesses, heralds of the truth, soul winners, and runners with beautiful feet. We want to be effective evangelists. But [...]

24Feb 2017

Prayer and God’s Decree

February 24, 2017|

Why do Christians pray? If God is sovereign, and He is executing His plan according to His Kingly freedom, then why does it matter if we pray? After all, God’s ways are higher than our [...]

23Nov 2016

The Meat of Our Gospel

November 23, 2016|

I took a class on evangelism in Seminary in which the Professor—Dr. Doug Cecil—used a helpful analogy to describe the gospel that we are to preach. He likened the gospel to a hamburger, which, he [...]

22Oct 2016

We Plead The Blood

October 22, 2016|

In a law court, the accused stands in danger of punishment. Facing accusation, the defendant might well plead guilty and accept the punishment. Or the defendant could plead innocent and fight the charges. In the [...]

4Oct 2016

What Then Shall They Eat?

October 4, 2016|

Andy Stanley just passed Bill Hybels for third largest church in the nation. Ed Young, whose church is the second largest in America in average weekly attendance, is a mere 1102 people ahead of Stanley, [...]